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Organic Tranquility Package

Organic Tranquility Package

Shampoo     Your pet will receive a warm bath while enjoying a relaxing massage. An organic shampoo with a mellow vanilla & almond scent will be used to thoroughly clean the coat.


Conditioner     An organic softening conditioner with a soothing tea tree and refreshing peppermint will be used to aid in detangling, revitalizing and strengthening your pup's fur and skin. Organic olive oil and organic coconut oil will help to make your pup's coat smooth and shiny.


Facial     Your furry friend will enjoy an organic ph balanced, tearfree facial infused with cucumber & aloe. This will help leave your pup's face clean, beautiful, & shiny. Your companion will experience a tranquil moment as their face and head are being gently massaged and cleansed.


Dry     Your dog will be towel dried by hand with an organic cotton towel. Towel drying removes excess moisture. Afterwards, they will be gently blow dried at a warm relaxing setting that helps to leave their coat looking its best.


Brush Out     Following the drying step your furry companion will have their coat delicately brushed & combed out using specific brushes designed for their unique type of coat. Brushing helps to loosen and remove dead fur, dirt, and dandruff. It also aids in stimulating skins natural oils, leaving their coat healthy.


Pawicure      Your loyal friend will have their nails trimmed. This not only looks tidy, but also keeps their nails shorter allowing for better foot structure & posture. Trimming also reduces the risk of infection.


Ears     Your companion will also have their ears checked and cautiously cleaned using certified organic oils that help create a healthy clean environment. This will help prevent dirt & debris from getting trapped and possibly causing an infection.


Tooth Brushing Your pup will have their teeth brushed using an organic paste to help keep them fresh and clean.


Pad Check     Pads will be checked for any excess hair which may cause discomfort with walking. Any surplus will be skillfully trimmed.


Paw Hair Trim     If needed, a slight trim will be given to your dog's paws to give your pet a clean and tidy look.


Deodorant Spray     An organic fur freshner infused with bergamont, lavendar, aloe, and almond essetial oils will be applied to enhance your pets clean and fresh fragrance.


*package listed at starting price. Prices vary according to breed, size, temperament and other factors contributing to longer groom times.


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